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Magnetic negative ion multiple pads
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2018-05-02
Magnetic negative ion multiple pads

1. Sanitary napkin: it is attached to underwear. When the pad absorbs more blood, it must be replaced. It is convenient and safe to use, so most women in Taiwan prefer to use sanitary napkins. But when you meet the muggy weather menstrual blood seeps in addition to easy to smell, also easy to make vaginal candida albicans infection, so that vaginal itching, so need to be replaced and when using sanitary napkin.

2. Tampon: when used, the tampon is inserted into the vagina, which has strong absorption of menstrual blood. Using tampons, it is not affected by clothing, and it is convenient to move and exercise, so more women in Europe and America use it. However, tampons are not suitable for girls who have no sexual experience and are still intact. In addition, because tampons can compress the vaginal wall, it can sometimes cause the vaginal wall to fester. Have also reported abroad, because someone use tampons, causes the vagina a staphylococcus aureus, a large number of breeding, sore throat, fever, joint and muscle aches, symptoms of blood pressure to drop, terrible case finally even shock.