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Magnetic negative ion 290mm night
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2018-05-02
Magnetic negative ion 290mm night

Usage 1: one is a long strip, without ears on both sides. The sanitary napkin, as long as the torn bags, sanitary napkin and expand, then tore sanitary napkin opposite the tape (adhesion when the tape is to prevent the sanitary napkin package, no other use, can be thrown away after a tear off), on one side of your sanitary napkin with plastic stick on the pants pants crotch, sanitary napkin is in place.

Usage 2: another kind of sanitary napkin is in the middle is an elongated, flanked by a "ears, this is the use of the sanitary napkin, opened the package, remove sanitary napkin, tear to the middle of the first tape, stick with glue side first between pants crotch, two ears on the crotch the narrowest place. Then tore down the left side of the "ears" on the back of the small sticker to stick, the "ears" from the narrowest place impreaaion nip to pants crotch pants left frontal tape, and then at the other side of the tear off "ears" on the back of the sticker, the narrowest point from pants crotch right impreaaion nip pants crotch positive fixed, because there are at the bottom of the sanitary napkin glue stick, coupled with the "ears" from both sides of the fixed, sanitary napkin is firmly stuck to the bottom of the underwear, when activities are not easy to shift.