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natural pure cotton and long night use sanitary pads
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2018-04-26
natural pure cotton and long night use sanitary pads

Natural pure cotton surface: new natural pure cotton surface, quick absorption, instantaneous diversion, with built-in anion chip, and left and right without leakage, let you happy holiday period

1. Net layer, keep dry: can absorb menstrual blood quickly, then seal, prevent anti-infiltration, make the blood not left surface, keep dry clean.

2. Macromolecular absorption: lock the discharge into the bottom layer, and the pressure does not return to the seepage, so that the absorption volume will be larger, more or longer used, and it can also ensure the comfort.

3. Good air permeability: the inner core adopts high composite absorbing material with breathable design, which is more absorbent and comfortable to breathe