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How to choose the sanitary napkin agent brand?
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2017-12-07

How to choose the sanitary napkin agent brand?

The sanitary napkin is a good friend of every woman, and it is used every month. It can be said that it is a close companion of female friends. That's why we have to pay special attention when choosing sanitary napkins.

Because of the special physiological requirements of women, human invention has created sanitary napkins, and sanitary napkins will accompany each woman for a long time. Some people saw the opportunity of the sanitary towel and invested in the sanitary towel project. However, sanitary napkins are our daily necessities. People have high quality requirements. We should strictly choose the brand of sanitary napkins. According to news reports, some well-known brands of sanitary napkins in China have been reported to contain fluorescent agents, but people have no idea about the fluorescent agent contained in sanitary napkins. Although there is no accurate data on how harmful the fluorescent agent is to the human body, it can be determined that the fluorescent agent is toxic to the body. And today we introduce brand of sanitary napkin agent nia sanitary products, absolutely do not contain fluorescent agent, ensure the quality pass, without any side effects, nia toiletries sanitary napkin has been operating for decades, its product quality is through the test of market.

The market reaction is good because of the popularity of tseff sanitary napkin. Therefore, if the agent tsev sanitary napkin, the product sales will be very good, so the profit is considerable. Our factory direct supply, eliminate the area agent's link, the price is more low, the profit is more high. Our products have many series, which can be selected by each agent according to local usage. If the product is extruded, our manufacturer is responsible for recycling the extruded products and ensuring the interests of the agent, which is not possible for any manufacturer.

Niya sanitary products company gives different incentives to agents according to the sales performance of each agent. Every year, the company organizes the agency to study in areas where it is not allowed to go. During the holidays, agents will travel abroad for free. If you want to get rich, join us. We are the starting point of your wealth!