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Sanitary napkin is a necessary sanitary ware for women.
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2017-12-07

Sanitary napkin is a necessary sanitary ware for women, and the health use of sanitary napkin is the key. You must master the important knowledge of sanitary napkin. It has been said that women use sanitary napkins like a bacterial bomb on hand, which can cause a disease that is light or heavy at any time, so you should pay attention to the correct way of using it!

Women use sanitary pads to avoid these minefields.

Often buy promotions and new products.

Generally speaking, promotion product, gift can be the unmarketable product that the merchant deals with, the product quality of this sanitary napkin is very difficult to ensure. When selecting a new products at the same time, you'd better to choose a well-known manufacturers products with good credit, do not blindly pursue new, because new things are only possible advertising is new, quality can't get good make sure.

Do not wash hands before using sanitary napkins.

Use your hands to unseal, open, smooth and paste sanitary napkins, which can lead to a lot of germs on the sanitary pad. Because sanitary napkin contacts female vulva skin directly, oneself in menstruation female's resistance ability is more fragile, slight not notice, this is very easy to cause infection or cause gynecological disease to produce.

Do not pay attention to the expiry date of sanitary napkins.

Sanitary napkin is to use the method of high temperature disinfection to reach aseptic, the period of time that sterilization sterilization is very limited, and beyond the deadline also does not have aseptic guarantee. In particular, the storage time of those sanitary towels is too long, and it can be spoiled and polluted. So before you buy a sanitary napkin, be sure to look carefully at the production time.

Blindly pursue a large absorbent sanitary napkin.

Many women like to use super-size sanitary napkins for their convenience, although this method is simple, but this method is unhealthy and unscientific. It is also not recommended to use a large absorbent sanitary napkin. Not changing the sanitary napkin for a long time can lead to local ventilation difference, leading to bacterial reproduction, leading to a variety of gynecological diseases.