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Medical gauze absorbent cotton pads pay attention to the following points.
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2017-12-07

Nowadays, when sanitary napkins are widely used, few people think that sanitary napkins are unsanitary and cause trouble. The use of sterile sanitary napkins is a guarantee of menstrual health. The following points should be noted:

1. Buy sanitary napkin to read "hygiene index"

Buy sanitary napkin read "health index" women sanitary napkin, when the choose and buy must be based on principles of sterile health, read the purchased sanitary napkin production, use, understand the health index control, safe and clean

Don't stick to a brand and ignore health indicators. In addition, must have the "use qualified" sign, such sanitary napkin can be relieved to buy.

2. The storage sanitary napkin is exquisite.

The sanitary napkins should be stored in a dry and sterile environment, and have a certain validity period. If sanitary napkins are damp or stored for a long time, even if they are not opened, they can deteriorate and pollute. The general sanitary napkin is made of non-woven fabric. It is a fibrous material.

3. Use within the validity period.

Sanitary napkin is the method that USES high temperature disinfects to reach aseptic, the effective deadline of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited after all, beyond the time limit also does not have aseptic guarantee. Therefore, when using sanitary napkin, should pay attention to expiration date, one-time buy not too much, more unfavorable family long Tibet. The sanitary napkin should be kept in a dry, clean and sterile environment, not suitable for use after damp and expired.

The wet towel can only be used as a general cleaning tool.

Wipes can only be used as general cleaning tools. Some make clean sanitary napkin, to travel, business trip, menstruation woman brought a lot of convenience. However, wet towel cleaning can not replace women's daily warm water bath, because the moisture content of the wet towel and the effective ingredients are limited after all; In addition, sanitary conditions, storage time and storage conditions of the wipes are not allowed to be used.

In addition, the medicine sanitary napkin should be used carefully. The drug sanitary napkin has played a certain role in protecting women's vagina and preventing various gynecological diseases. However, the drug sanitary towel is not suitable for everyone, because people's physical constitution is very different, some people can be allergic to certain substances. Therefore, it is appropriate to pay attention to your own reactions and feelings regardless of which drug sanitary napkins are used. Normally allergic constitution of the female should be careful use or not use medicaments sanitary towel.