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The use of a non-fluorescent sanitary towel made women far from cancer.
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2017-12-07

The use of a non-fluorescent sanitary towel made women far from cancer.

Safety and health is a hot topic nowadays. For every woman, it is a desire to have a healthy body. Health can bring more beauty to women. Every month during menstruation, the body is very weak, and it is easy for the bacteria to enter the uterus through the female vagina to infect the bacteria. It is necessary to pay attention to hygiene during menstruation and choose sanitary napkin with qualified quality. When choosing sanitary napkins, be sure to choose the sanitary napkin with no fluorescent agent.

Fluorescent agent is a kind of color adjustment agent, the fluorescence whitening agent has whitening effect, can make sanitary towel color change bright white. However, women who love beauty must not be deceived by these superficial phenomena. It is harmful to the human body that the fluorescent agent exceeds the national standard. The fluorescent agent in the sanitary napkin will have a great effect on the health of women through menstrual blood. Within the body of the fluorescent agent more than the tolerance range of the body, can reduce the organism immunity and long-term use can cause cervical cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer and other gynecological disease, severe cases may even suffer from cervical cancer. When choosing sanitary napkin, must go to regular supermarket to buy, check product mark. It would be best if you could see the product's inspection report and look at the data. Choose a sanitary napkin with no fluorescent agent. According to many female friends, they like to use tseff's sanitary pad because it is soft and comfortable and has a particularly good quality.

Is difficult it can be accepted by many people in the women, because of its production of sanitary napkin the inspection data to make people at ease, by the vast number of users of praise, and set off a female pursuit of sanitary napkin without fluorescent agent. Without the addition of fluorescent agents in sanitary napkins, it also means that there is less harm to women's health and a healthy guarantee for women. Reducing the incidence of a female gynecological disease can make a woman's life more secure.