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Do not: the sanitary napkin should be used in the month after opening.
来源:天津市妮娅卫生用品有限公司 发表时间:2017-12-07

Do not: the sanitary napkin should be used in the month after opening.

Menstruation just after xiaomei (a pseudonym) has recently felt so vaginal itching, feeling when micturition urethral with some pain, but also secrete jerry-built leucorrhea secretion, so she hurried to the second affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university near the south hospital of department of gynaecology sees a doctor. After the white tape was checked, the doctor told her that it was the candida vaginitis.

The cause of the itch is the sanitary towel.

In the face of the doctor's diagnosis, xiaomei was immediately covered: "I have been suffering from candida vaginitis, I have already used the medicine, now how do I relapse? And that happens after menstruation, as happened last time?" Do you use the same bag of sanitary napkins for two months? The doctor asked. "Yes, my sanitary napkins are well-known brands bought at the supermarket chain. How can I have health problems?" "She answered. "How do you keep your sanitary napkin?" The doctor asked.

"It's in the closet."

The doctor told xiao mei that the problem might be on the sanitary napkin. "Sanitary napkins must be cleaned and stored. It is better to use the bag that has been opened in time for the month. Do not use sanitary pads or pads that may have been contaminated."